Yarmouth Water District


Yarmouth Water District accepts payment online through this service or in person over-the-counter at our municipal office. Payments can be made through this service using a major credit/debit card (Mastercard, Visa, Discover or American Express). The total Credit/Debit Card fee charge will be your payment to the Yarmouth Water District plus a 2.5% fee or a minimum fee of $1.00. These funds operate this online service and other online services like this one. Please note this charge is only for payment by credit/debit card.

Utility Payments (Please Read)

  • If there are any past due balances on the account you are paying, then the payment you make will be applied to the oldest amount of interest, fees and principal outstanding, in that order, in accordance with Maine State Law.

  • Please supply account and bill number identifiers in the Account Number and Payment Information fields so that your municipal office will easily be able to reconcile your payment.

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(NOTE: If the option you're looking for is unavailable it may not be offered for your municipality)

Questions about this service? Please contact the Yarmouth Water District at: (207) 846-5821 or

Service Steps

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  • Payment Information
  • Confirmation