Old Town Water District


OLD TOWN WATER DISTRICTS accepts payment online through this service or in person over-the-counter at our municipal office.

There are some cases where individuals are not eligible to use the online payment service. Please review and verify that your account does not have any of the following exceptions on it before using this service. Failure to do so may result in payment being rejected in certain cases.

  • Accounts that are in dispute or protest are ineligible for online payments. Please contact the office for more information.

**IMPORTANT PLEASE READ**: For individuals using this service, please enter your last name + your account number to search for your account information and provide your balance due.

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(NOTE: If the option you're looking for is unavailable it may not be offered for your municipality)

Questions about this service? Please contact the Old Town Water District at: or

Service Steps

  • Disclaimer
  • Account Information
  • Review
  • Payment Information
  • Confirmation